Who are we?



JP is French and grew up in the secular country of France. At school, as a kid, most of the other kids came from atheist families. Some were Muslims... and some other rare ones were Christians or from another religious background.

At age 17, his life changed by discovering the power (or the person) behind prayer. A few years later he understood that prayer meant not only bringing our requests to God, but also adjusting our will to His. He understood that God had called him into ministry, and decided to obey, entering into full-time ministry at the age of 20.

He left for New York City to serve with Metro World Child. After that experience he then headed to Romania. During all this time, he continued to be strongly invested in France, as well.

In 2010, he was asked to become the National Director of Youth for Christ Romania.

In 2018, he founded M Europe.

In 2019, he committed, under the unanimity of the board of YFC Romania, to the 3000 steps project to buy Poarta Oilor and expand the team. (The YFC Romania team grew from 2 to 25 missionaries between 2010 and 2022).



Ely grew up in a gypsy village in Romania. Her family understands the meaning of the word “poverty”. There were days when the family had no bread to eat… and months where pairs of shoes were shared between her brothers (one would go to school in the morning with a pair of shoes, and the other one would go in the afternoon with the same pair of shoes).

At the age of 12 she was touched and changed by the gospel, and decided to spend most of her energy sharing the love of Christ to the communities around her!

At present, Ely is making sure that JP can handle all his trips in a healthy way and that their sons receive a proper education. She also helps YFC Romania in many different practical ways.

JP and Ely have four sons: Nathan (2009), Elias (2017), Joel (2019) and Nehemia (2021).