National director of YFC Romania

Train, accompany and establish Romanian full-time workers to share the Gospel in their context!

Youth for Christ is present in Romania since 1997 to reach youth for Christ. They do this through youth events, concerts, festivals, camps, sport events, social help, after-school programs, personal visits, etc...

Today, YFC is involved in 9 regions, employs 30 people, and has around 100 volunteers. They share the gospel monthly with 500 kids & teens. During their summer activities they reach more than 1500 kids and teens!

Our vision is to see the youth of Romania reconciled to Christ and passionate for His kingdom.

We also want them to grow spiritually, socially, & physically in a healthy way, as well as to have a positive impact on Romanian society.

  • Do you want to bring a team to Romania and let them experience ministry?
  • Do you want to help us reach kids and teens?
  • Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone to help your neighbor?
  • Are you willing to share what Jesus did in your life and let your light shine?
  • Or do you want to come for a few months to learn ministry and to serve?

Please, contact us, we’ll be happy to help you serve here!

Director of M'Europe

M'Europe aims to send young French people to the missionary field in Europe.

Through this organization JP coaches and accompanies young French missionaries who are just starting out.

M’Europe is also a way in which to manage the administrative aspects of JP’s ministry and the races Run4mission.

Fundraiser of 3000 steps

Reaching 5000 young people every year (2000 of which on a weekly basis)

3000 STEPS is a fund-raising effort which, Lord-willing, will help YFC Romania

  • buy the vacation center Poarta Oilor
  • build the YFC Romania team from 10 missionaries to 30
  • invest in the needed material to help strengthen the ministry (mini-bus, youth centers...)

All of this to help fulfill the objective of reaching 5000 young people every year (2000 of which on a weekly basis).

Everyone can help and participate.

Take a step!

Coordinator of Run4Mission

Encourage the church to be familiarized with the Mission

Run4mission is a race whose objective is to encourage the church to be familiarized with the Mission.

Each year, either by running, walking, giving or praying, Christians have the possibility of supporting a mission of their choice.

Raising funds

To allow YFC Romania to meet the legal deadlines for the purchase.

Poarta Oilor is a missionary center strategically located in central Romania that can accommodate camps, conferences …

YFC Romania decided to purchase this center in 2019 - and must finalize payment by the end of 2026.

Its potential is enormous, and this center is already a blessing for thousands of Romanians every year.

JP is raising funds to allow YFC Romania to meet the legal deadlines for the purchase.