National director of YFC Romania

Train, accompany and establish Romanian full-time workers to share the Gospel in their context!

Youth for Christ is present in Romania since 1997 to reach youth for Christ. They do this through youth events, concerts, festivals, camps, sport events, social help, after-school programs, personal visits, etc...

Today, YFC is involved in 3 regions, employs 3 people, and has around 20 volunteers. They share the gospel monthly with 300 kids & teens. During their summer activities they reach more than 1000 kids and teens!

Our vision is to see the youth of Romania reconciled to Christ and passionate for His kingdom.

We also want them to grow spiritually, socially, & physically in a healthy way, as well as to have a positive impact on Romanian society.

  • Do you want to bring a team to Romania and let them experience ministry?
  • Do you want to help us reach kids and teens?
  • Are you willing to get out of your comfort zone to help your neighbor?
  • Are you willing to share what Jesus did in your life and let your light shine?
  • Or do you want to come for a few months to learn ministry and to serve?

Please, contact us, we’ll be happy to help you serve here!

Consulting Young Missionaries

Consulting Young Missionaries

JP councils & accompanies young missionaries in France who are beginning in ministry work. (More information soon to come).

Adviser of YFC Belgium

Help start Youth for Christ in Belgium.

Belgium, country of 11.7 million inhabitants in a surface of 30 528 km² with three well-defined regions; Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels Capital. It also includes 3 languages; Flemish, French and German. It is a country of Catholic tradition (67%). Evangelicals make up 1.3%. And there is a growing increase of Islamic influence in certain regions. The typical Belgian, enjoys good beer and French fries. He also never misses an opportunity to party :)

And YFC Belgium in all this? Exactly! It is time to begin this platform that will gather young Christians from different churches to organize evangelization projects and events in their own city. YFC Belgium has given birth to 2 outreaches " Bouge ta Ville Liège " in 2014 and 2015. After these events, many young people expressed their desire to serve and to know Jesus better.

So, why stop with just annual events?

In spite of Belgium being a small country, the potential for youth ministry is quite impressive. YFC Belgium aims to challenge these young people to serve God and to work together in unity with various churches.